About Me

WELCOME … to a my blog I started in May 2019 to as a result of my new found passion on the subject of numerology.


In this blog I present information about numerology, and amazing things to see by just using our birthdate and names.

By any means, I am not an expert numerologist and I am not planning to become one, I am just a simple guy who decided to dig a little deeper on the subject on numerology and decided to study it, In this blog I will post things I found out on my journey in the way I understand them.

If do you want to get your numerology reading you can request one from an expert, the one that I recommend is called Aiden Powers, the guy is very good, you can chat with him and request your free reading here. https://numerologysecrets.org/freereading/

I hope you enjoy the blog. Please leave comments or questions or sign up to subscribe to news of new entries, via e-mail notices.

Thanks for stopping by! Clear skies!

— Seki Hudson