About Me

WELCOME … to my blog I started in May 2019 as a result of my new found passion on the subject of numerology.


In this blog, I present information about numerology, and amazing things to see by just using our birthdate and names.

Every number tells a story and the story tells us the story of you. And the best thing about numerology is that all you need to know is your birth name and your birth date-it’s that simple. From those two pieces of information, you’ll create your Numerology Profile.

Basically, your Numerology Profile consists of five Core Numbers: your Life Path Number, your Destiny Number, your Soul Number, your Personality Number, and your Maturity Number. Taken together, these five numbers paint a singular portrait of who you are-both the secret you and the you who everyone else sees.

The energy of the numbers is all around us, and we’ll show you how to find the numbers for your Personal Years, Personal Months, and even Personal Days, as well as how to live in the house that’s right for you, figure the numerological synergy of your relationships or choose a name. With numerology to guide you, you can direct your life by the numbers.

By any means, I am not an expert numerologist and I am not planning to become one, I am just a simple guy who decided to dig a little deeper on the subject on numerology and decided to study it, In this blog, I will post things I found out on my journey in the way I understand them.

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I hope you enjoy the blog. Please leave comments or questions or sign up to subscribe to news of new entries, via e-mail notices.

Thanks for stopping by! Clear skies!

— Seki Hudson