Your Name and Numerology

The act of choosing a name for a baby may seem random and an easy one, but our names carry significant meaning in our daily life. In this post, I am going to tell you about the relationship between your name and numerology.

Even if your parents did something as seemingly normal as picking your name from a book of 10,000 baby names, it is still divinely inspired.

Remember that there are no accidents in the world of numerology, and you were given the name that you were meant to have. That name carries the perfect vibrations to help you achieve your soul’s purpose.

You may be wondering at this point what letters have to do with numbers. The practice of translating letters and words into numbers hearkens back to ancient Greek, Latin and Hebrew cultures.

Modern numerology uses a simple process for translation, with the letter A equaling the number one, B equaling the
number two and so forth. Once you hit the number nine, you start over again with number one.

Your Name and Numerology

Calculating the number of your full birth name reveals the characteristics of your overall personality. You can also receive other clues about your inner self by looking at the first and last letters of your first name and the consonants and vowels in your name.

What happens to your personality if you acquire a nickname, adopt a stage name or change your name when you get married? In these circumstances, the name change often happens as part of an organic life shift that signifies personal development and a positive progression on your soul’s path.

Just as your parents choosing your name was orchestrated on a higher spiritual level, so are these changes. If, however, you legally change your name simply because you want it to add up to a number that signifies fun or financial abundance, it is likely to backfire on you because it did not happen naturally as part of your spiritual growth.